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What is an idiom?
a) when the words say one thing but mean something else
b) a type of sport
c) a type of car
d) a teacher's name

What is let the cat out of the bag?
a) telling a secret
b) phone madness
c) insanity
d) bad damage

What does expected mean?
a) appropriate behaviors
b) unexpected behaviors
c) expect it not to hail
d) not doing as you're told.

What does the expression hit the bulls eye mean?
a) hit the target, do something correctly
b) literally hit a bullseye
c) sign up for a rodeo
d) become a standup comedian

What does unexpected mean?
a) Inappropiate behaviors
b) expected behaviors
c) expecting it to rain
d) doing as you're told

how do we think outside the box?
a) come up with new ideas
b) think about things outside a cardboard box
c) someone think how to get someone out of a box
d) don't think

What is a big problem?
a) A problem that can very serious
b) A problem that is very little
c) Not very serious
d) A problem not to care about

What is body in the group?
a) putting your body in the same space as the group.
b) ice cream flavor
c) video game
d) sitting by yourself

What is a social detective?
a) Someone who uses clues to solve social problems.
b) sherlock holmes
c) a movie
d) i don't know

What is nonverbal language?
a) Using your body to communicate.
b) a song
c) another language like Spanish
d) a phone

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