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Hail is
a) light snow
b) light rain
c) heavy rain
d) frozen rain

When you complete a job, you
a) finish it
b) fail to do it
c) do it well
d) agree to do it

Which is a sufficient amount of food?
a) too much food
b) food that is left over
c) enough food
d) almost enough food

A patriot is someone who
a) lives in a certain country
b) leaves his or her country
c) loves his or her country
d) was born in a certain country

When you hail someone you
a) laugh at him or her
b) send him oor her a package
c) greet him or her
d) vote for him or her

A remark is a
a) loud bang
b) comment
c) whisper
d) shout

To master an art is to
a) teach others how to do it
b) admire artists\' work
c) struggle to learn it
d) become skilled at it

To represent others is to
a) act in their place
b) join with them
c) follow them
d) fight them

If you are ease, how do you feel?
a) bored
b) comfortable
c) sleepy
d) alert

If you are dismayed, you would probably feel
a) curious
b) hungry
c) very worried
d) comfortable

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