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What does cold feet mean?
a) nervous
b) excited
c) recycle
d) cold

What does expected behavieor mean?
a) bad behavoir
b) silly behaveior
c) good behaveior
d) rock

Who let the cat out of the bag?
a) tell a secret
b) who won 500$
c) ask a question
d) leave

What do you mean I have to quit cold turkey
a) keep doing it
b) stop immeditly
c) sleep
d) eat

What does don't open a can of worms mean?
a) don't be any trouble
b) be trouble
c) be silly
d) be loud

What is whole body listening?
a) taking while the teacher is talking
b) looking at a book
c) using your eyes, face, hands, feet to listen
d) eating brownies

What is brain in the group?
a) thinking about video games
b) not letting your brain wander off and paying attention
c) laying your head on the table
d) drawing an alien

What does it mean to a smart guess?
a) I don't know
b) make a guess using all the information
c) pick C
d) going home

What is a social detective?
a) someone who makes pizza.
b) sherlock holmes
c) someone who studies whats going on around people
d) fights zombies

What does think outside the box mean?
a) a night watcher
b) have great ideas repeatedly
c) just falls asleep
d) their made out of tater tots.

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