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The sun is important to the Earth because
a) it creates gases that make up the planets.
b) It orbits.
c) it provides heat and light.
d) it is close to the planets.

As huge pieces of the Earth's crust move the Earth's surface
a) collapses
b) changes
c) shrinks
d) blows up

What percent of the water on Earth is fresh water?
a) 70
b) 10
c) 3
d) 75

The vegetation in a humid continental climate mainly includes
a) forest and grasslands.
b) cacti.
c) nothing.
d) lichens and mosses.

If wind and water did not work together the Earth would
a) freeze everywhere.
b) spin out of control.
c) stand still
d) overheat in places like the tropics.

Rainforest have a great deal of vegetation because there is
a) a cool dry climate.
b) a lot of sunlight and water.
c) a vast tundra.
d) a long winter.

Moderate climates are found
a) in high latitudes.
b) in low latitudes.
c) in middle latitudes.
d) up in the mountains.

The climate on Earth is affected by latitude, landforms, and a combination of
a) ice and sand
b) wind and water
c) ocean depth and sea life.
d) volcanoes and earthquakes.

Continents move by
a) Ring of Fire activity.
b) water eroding rocks.
c) strong winds.
d) conveyor-like belts of magma dragging plates and continents.

Ocean currents follow regular patterns related to
a) latitude
b) longitude
c) tornadoes
d) hurricanes

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