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The causes of weathering are
a) erosion and plate movement
b) night and day
c) volcanoes and earthquakes
d) wind, water, and ice

One reason the Earth does not overheat is because of
a) the movement of air
b) the position of the moon
c) the heights of the mountains
d) the flat plains

Which of the factors below influences the climate of an area.
a) the latitude
b) the day of the week
c) the positions of the planets
d) the size

Vertical climate zones are found
a) only on Mount Everest
b) in mountains
c) in the tundra
d) in rain forest

Plateaus, plains and mountains are examples of
a) crusts
b) ridges
c) landforms
d) magma

During the year the amount of heat that the Northern and Southern hemispheres receive depends on
a) the position of the moon
b) the Equator
c) the Earth's tilt
d) the number of planets

Earth travels completely around the sun every
a) year
b) day
c) hour
d) two weeks

In the rainforest thousands of kinds of plants grow because there is a good supply
a) farmers to plant them.
b) heat, light, and water.
c) fertile soil.
d) cool air currents.

One result of the Earth's tilt is that Earth has
a) animals
b) plants
c) winds
d) seasons

Most of the Earth's surface is covered by
a) land
b) mountains
c) sand
d) water

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