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When do you have to delete a verse on an order (for IRIS or RxExpress)?
a) When you are sending a verse but not cancelling or shipping the order.
b) Delete a verse, we never do that.
c) When your supervisor tells you to.
d) When the order is shipping or being cancelled.

What is the definition of a Ship Set?
a) A set of lines on an order that must be processed and shipped together.
b) A shipped order that was lost.
c) An order set to drop to QMSI.
d) A set of lines on an order that will have two freight charges.

Which tab in the Sales Order Form would you select to change the shipping method to 2-3 days ground?
a) Others
b) Main
c) Addresses
d) Payment

Which action would you select from the list of values (LOV) to locate an order's tracking number?
a) Additional Order Information
b) Progress Order
c) Add Note
d) Version History

What action button is the equivalent to the END key in RxExpress?
a) Book Order
b) Order History
c) Apply Holds
d) Availability

How many items can refill from the RxHistory tab at one time?
a) 6
b) Unlimited
c) 4
d) 1

What status does a line item have to be so it can be successfully cancelled?
a) Booked
b) Duplicate
c) No response from MD
d) Entered

What manual hold is the equivalent of routing an order to an RPH Cell in RxExpress for QA?
a) Quality Assurance Hold
b) Retry Hold
c) Supervisor / Lead Hold
d) Ship and Bill Override Hold

When a line is in an Entered status and you need to remove it from the Sales Order Form what icon would you use ?
a) Delete
b) Zoom
c) New
d) Clear Record

If you need to expedite an order in fulfillment which status would hinder them from completing your request?
a) Booked
b) APS in Process
c) APS Staged
d) Exporting to APS

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