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Maria counted the seashells that her family collected on the beach. Her bucket contained 276 shells. Tony's bucket had 307 shells. How many shells did Maria count?
a) 583
b) 31
c) 573
d) 601

Cy-Fair Middle School collected 1,138 soup labels for its fundraiser in the fall. They then collected 973 labels in the Spring. How many total labels did they collect?
a) 2,111
b) 165
c) 2,001
d) 1,111

The local bakery spent $356 on electricity during the month of August. They also spent $156 on water and $215 on gas. How much was their total utility expense in August?
a) $727
b) $371
c) $571
d) $512

Marty made $417 during January at his extra job. He earned $337 in February and $233 during March at his extra job. How much extra money did he earn during these 3 months?
a) $987
b) $990
c) $754
d) $570

Sharon collected 1,133 coins at the fundraiser for band camp while Marcus collected 1,047 coins. How many more coins did Sharon collect than Marcus?
a) 86
b) 2,180
c) 114
d) 2,170

Christina has 1,274 baseball cards to put in binders. So far she has put 659 of them in binders. How many of her baseball cards are not in binders?
a) 615
b) 1,933
c) 1,425
d) 625

Larry's Landscaping Company ordered 1,200 bags of mulch to use during the spring. So far, the company has used 968 bags of the mulch. How many bags are still left?
a) 232
b) 2,168
c) 1,768
d) 368

In 2003, the population of Texas was over 22 million. The population of the U.S. was just over 290 million. About how many millions of people did not live in Texas in 2003?
a) 268 million
b) 272 million
c) 312 million
d) 290 million

Mr. Baker is the principal of a new middle school. Monday and Tuesday had 376 and 450 students register. If they expect 1500 students, how many more students need to register?
a) 674
b) 826
c) 1,050
d) 1,124

Pam's checking account had a balance of $5,903 on August 1st. During the month, she wrote two checks for $230 and $1,909. What was Pam's account balance at the end of August?
a) $3,764
b) $2,139
c) $3,836
d) $3,874

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