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What is the water portion of the planet?
a) hydrosphere
b) geosphere
c) atmosphere
d) biosphere

What is the name for earth's gaseous 'envelope'?
a) hydrosphere
b) geosphere
c) atmosphere
d) biosphere

What is term for all the life forms upon the earth?
a) atmosphere
b) biosphere
c) geosphere
d) hydrosphere

The sphere that is composed of all the solid ground.
a) biosphere
b) hydrosphere
c) atmosphere
d) geosphere

Geology is the study of
a) the earth
b) the oceans
c) the animals
d) the plants

Meteorology is the study of
a) the universe
b) meteors
c) the atmosphere
d) the oceans

Oceanography is the study of the
a) deserts
b) lakes
c) mountains
d) oceans

Astronomy is the study of
a) horoscopes
b) the earth
c) the sky
d) the universe

Latitude lines run
a) east to west
b) north to south
c) west of the prime meridian
d) vertically

Longitude lines run
a) west to east
b) parallel to the equator
c) north to south
d) at a 360 degree angle

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