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Which is an example of a domain?
a) .edu .us .gov .org
b) www
c) http:
d) URL

What is one way to tell if a web site is reliable?
a) It is the first web site listed when you do a search.
b) A lot of people liked the web site on Facebook.
c) The web site has a lot of positive reviews.
d) The information is supported with verifiable evidence.

What is most important to be able to find on a web site that you are using for research?
a) Facebook link
b) Comments section
c) About Us or Contact Us Page
d) Search box

If you have been told that you are not allowed to use web sites as a source for your research, why do you think that is?
a) Instructors are mean.
b) To make it harder on students.
c) Not everyone has access to the Internet easily.
d) Internet sources are not always accurate, it is hard to prove their reliability and often disappear.

If you are told that you can't use web sites as a source for your paper what does this eliminate?
a) Resources found when using the Internet Search Engines to search for web sites.
b) Resources found using the Library Catalog.
c) Resources found when using the Library Databases.
d) Articles found on EBSCOHost.

Why can't we use Google to find all of our resources?
a) Books are the only source students should use.
b) A well written paper uses a variety of materials from different resources.
c) It is too easy.
d) Students need to learn the hard way.

WWhich is the best way to enter a Boolean search, when using Google, if your topic is: Does TV cause violence in teens?
a) Does TV cause violent behavior in teens?
b) TV and cause and violent and behavior and teens
c) TV and violent
d) (tv OR violent) (teens OR adolescents) (violence or aggression)

If you are unable to locate an author what other type of information should you look for?
a) Company or organization
b) Nothing, web sites do not need to be cited.
c) A short URL.
d) Home page

Select one way in which you can identify whether the author of a web page is credible or reliable?
a) The author tells you so on their web page.
b) The authors name comes up a lot when you do a Google search.
c) You were able to find information about the author in a library database.
d) The author has a talk show on television.

What type of web sites should you be looking for when doing research for your courses?
a) Selling a service or product
b) Blogs
c) Government, scholorly article or news
d) Offering tips or advice

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