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Where can you find a complete list of function hot keys?
a) Navigator.
b) Help > Keyboard Help.
c) Help > Zoom.
d) Preferences.

A yellow field means:
a) Data entry is required.
b) Data entry is allowed.
c) Data is viewable.
d) Data is corrupt.

A grayed out menu option or button indicates:
a) That a search function is active/available.
b) That a function is not active/available.
c) That the field must be completed.
d) That you must exit the application.

What is the proper way to log out of IRIS?
a) File > Exit Oracle Applications.
b) Restart your computer.
c) Help > Log out.
d) Close the "X" on the top right corner of the screen.

You may change your password by using:
a) Edit menu on the menu bar in Oracle.
b) Help menu on the menu bar in Oracle.
c) Preferences on the Home Page.
d) Both the Edit menu and the Preferences on the Home Page.

Where would you indicate if the patient is insulin treated?
a) Overview Tab.
b) Person Tab.
c) Dashboard Tab.
d) Address and Phone Tab.

What form do you create your top ten list on?
a) Simulator.
b) Navigator.
c) eBusiness Center.
d) Communicator.

What are the only two disposition codes we utilize at this time?
a) Vacation and Need AOB.
b) Need Log Sheet and AOB.
c) Active and Deceased.
d) Inactive and Active.

In IRIS what does "LOV" stand for?
a) List of Values.
b) Love Letter.
c) Lots of Value.
d) None of these.

What does DFF stand for?
a) Dynamic Flex Field.
b) Double Fisted Beer Mug!
c) Dynamic Force Field.
d) Double F's

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