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We got to the movies very quickly.
a) We
b) got
c) movies
d) quickly

Over there is where I thought I left my clown shoes.
a) Over
b) there
c) thought
d) clown

We will play Power Rangers tomorrow.
a) will
b) play
c) Rangers
d) tomorrow

Superman swiftly flew to the disaster and saved the day!
a) Superman
b) swiftly
c) the
d) saved

He walked very strangely to the upside down building.
a) walked
b) strangely
c) upside
d) building

We watched the monkeys play inside their cage.
a) watched
b) play
c) inside
d) their

My grandpa grumpily passed the cheese casserole.
a) My
b) grandpa
c) grumpily
d) passed

There was a fly anxiously flying around my mashed potatoes.
a) There
b) a
c) anxiously
d) around

Today we went to the goldfish farm.
a) Today
b) went
c) to
d) farm

Only the strongest can easily manage the Obstacle Course of Doom!
a) strongest
b) easily
c) manage
d) Doom

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