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The physical process addressing plate tectonics, erosion, and soil formation.
a) Lithosphere
b) Atmosphere
c) Hydrosphere
d) Biosphere

The physical process addressing the circulation of the oceans and the hydrologic cycle.
a) Hydrosphere
b) Lithosphere
c) Atmosphere
d) Biosphere

The physical process addressing plant and animal communities and ecosystems.
a) Biosphere
b) Atmosphere
c) Lithosphere
d) Hydrosphere

Focuses on rights of free speech, beliefs, physical needs, and respect for all humans.
a) Social Justice
b) Character Education
c) Studying Great Leaders
d) Citizenship Education

Provides a role model for students and encourages sharing ideas, valuing diversity, and cooperation.
a) Democratic Classroom
b) Character Education
c) Social Justice
d) Mock Elections

Accompanies freedom and requires personal skills including communicating and adjusting one's behavior.
a) Responsibilities of Citizenship
b) Social Action Projects
c) Character Education
d) Democratic Classroom

Students identify situations and take action which serves the community.
a) Social Action Projects
b) Studying Great Leaders
c) Citizenship Education
d) Responsibilities of Citizenship

Provides examples of role models and opportunities for students to learn how one person can make a difference.
a) Studying Great Leaders
b) Social Justice
c) Character Education
d) None of the possible answers are correct

Provides students' experiences and clarification of personal morals, ethics, virtues, and values.
a) Character Education
b) Social Justice
c) Responsibilities of Citizenship
d) Social Action Projects

Teaches rights and obligations of students including justice, equality, authority, participation, truth, and patriotism.
a) Citizenship Education
b) Character Education
c) Democratic Classroom
d) Social Action Projects

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