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Selecting varied methods and materials to teach based on individual abilities which can often be determined through self-assessment procedures.
a) Differentiate Instruction
b) Curriculum Compacting
c) Inquiry-based learning activities
d) Scaffolding Instruction

Can provide special needs students with academic and social benefits by setting higher expectations and allowing peer motivation.
a) Inclusion
b) Curriculum Compacting
c) Learning Disability
d) Differentiate Instruction

Classification not based on one single criteria but may include high achievement, strong task commitment, creativity, flexibility, curiosity, and sensitivity to detail.
a) Gifted
b) Learning Disability
c) Inclusion
d) Scaffolding Instruction

Pretesting students to eliminate instruction and practice on knowledge already possessed to allow time to expand knowledge and provide enrichment.
a) Curriculum Compacting
b) Inquiry-based Learning Activities
c) Individualized Education Plan
d) Scaffolding Instruction

Instruction that promotes the development of higher-level thinking skills.
a) Inquiry-based Learning Activities
b) Scaffolding Instruction
c) Inclusion
d) Differentiated Instruction

Evidence of a severe discrepancy between ability and achievement.
a) Learning Disability
b) Gifted
c) Inclusion
d) Individualized Education Plan

Identifies student's strengths and weaknesses to assist in providing appropriate instruction.
a) Individualized Education Plan
b) Curriculum Compacting
c) Inquiry-based Learning Activities
d) Scaffolding Instruction

To provide support for a student, sometimes one-on-one guidance, to help the student succeed on a given task with the hope that the skills acquired would become generalized.
a) Scaffolding Instruction
b) Curriculum Compacting
c) Inclusion
d) Inquiry-based Learning Activities

School children have the capacity to learn from their experiences.
a) This is always true.
b) This is sometimes true.
c) This is rarely true.
d) This is never true.

During early childhood education, this activity can provide a thumbnail history of the students' neighborhood and community.
a) Morning Message
b) Inquiry-based Learning Activities
c) Curriculum Compacting
d) Inclusion

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