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While recording a rap beat, Pablo deleted some programs from his Windows computer. Now iTunes doesnt recognize his iPhone. What should he do?
a) Remove and reinstall iTunes on his computer
b) Stop rapping and join a dance troupe
c) Restore the iPhone
d) Update and reinstall iPodService.exe from the Apple downloads page

Who brought us bagels, cream cheese and juice this morning?
a) We have bagels?!!
b) Tomas
c) The awesome and very kind Candice:)
d) Santa Clause

Arthur wants to buy an Oakland Raiders wallpaper for his iPhone from the iTunes Store since its $.10. The credit card on his account in iTunes has expired and he's not near his computer. What can Arthur do?
a) Save the $.10 because it's the Raiders...even if it was free, I still wouldn't take it
b) Update his credit card info on his iPhone
c) He cannot purchase this on his iPhone until he updates the credit card info on a computer
d) Recommend he go to an Internet Cafe, order a latte and update his credit card info on their computer

Rudy could not recall his PIN code to unlock his iPhone, so he couldn't call out sick. Then he entered the PUK code wrong too many times and is locked out. What should Rudy do now?
a) Connect the iPhone to iTunes which resets the number of PUK attempts to zero
b) Wait a few minutes and then try again
c) Restore the iPhone
d) Entering an incorrect PUK code can permanently lock the SIM card; Rudy needs to replace the SIM card

Blabby McBlabb calls in and wants to know the frequency response on his iPhone 4 as well as the audio and video formats it supports. Do you...
a) Refer him to the iPhone 4 technical specifications page at
b) Say: I no speak english
c) Ask him to try different formats to see what works
d) Explain that those questions are outside your scope of support

What 3 wireless carriers are we as Tier 1 advisors allowed to connect a customer with?
a) Canada, Ireland and United States
b) Canada, Ireland and Nicaragua
c) United States, Canada and Japan
d) Madagascar, Madagascar II and Madagascar III

What is the #1 paid app for the iPhone in ITunes?
b) Zombie Gunship
c) Fruit Ninja
d) Tiny Wings

When will you get your production schedules?
a) Never
b) Hopefully today, maybe after 8AM, I understand that everything is being done for me and I love my trainer :)
c) What are you talking about, I already got it
d) Yesterday

What is the toll free number for AT&T?
a) 1-800-331-0500
b) 1-800-GOATT
c) 1-800-MYATT
d) 1-800-922-0204

How would you know you've completed the Resolve phase of the PAIR process?
a) You and the customer gain agreement that the issue is resolved
b) The customer says the issue has ben fixed
c) The customer can't reproduce the actual issue
d) You think you've resolved the customers issue

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