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If your customer is having trouble with the Facebook app that they just installed, what is an effective troubleshooting step?
a) Remove and reinstall the app
b) Restore the device
c) Set the iPhone up for repair service
d) Teel her to use a different app

Who makes the BEST pizza ever?!!
a) Peter Piper Pizza; extra large pepperoni with extra cheese
b) Little Caesar's
c) BlackJack Pizza
d) Cici's

What alter-ego is sometimes in the room?
a) Horchata
b) Anita Buffet
c) Ginger Vitis
d) Miss Diagnosed

What exactly is a warm transfer?
a) You speak to the other advisor, describe the issue to him or her, then transfer the customer
b) You transfer the customer to another group without introducing him or her
c) The special of the day at Los Betos; Numero dos sin cebolla pro favor papi!
d) You bring another group onto the line while you're speaking with the customer

David is setting up the wireless router for his complex.The residents have older devices and he wants to pick a protocol that will work for most of them. What should he choose?
a) WEP
b) WPA
c) WPA2
d) WPA3

If a customer calls in and wants to speak to your supervisor, who would you give the call to?
a) Tier 2
b) Your trainer
c) Floor walker
d) TL (Team Lead)

Melissa turned on Bluetooth while she was messing around with the iPhone 4. Now she wants to turn it off. What would you tell Melissa to do?
a) Go to Settings>General>Bluetooth and turn it off
b) Go to Settings>Airplane Mode and turn on Airplane mode to turn off Bluetooth
c) Bluetooth automatically disables itself after 30 minutes of inactivity
d) Aye que chihuahua Melissa!! Stop messing around with the iPhone...GOSH!!

Which KBase article describes the correct way to completely remove iTunes on a Windows XP computer?
a) HT1925
b) HT1923
c) TS1926
d) HT2311

What major event is so happening this weekend?
a) 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair AND the brisket booth...YUMM!!
b) Lady GaGa is performing at The Rialto
c) We need to have class on Sunday, December 11th
d) It'll be 100 degrees outside

Who's ready to go home?
a) No way, I can pull a double if I need too!
b) Me
c) Only if we can have homework assigned to us to do tonight
d) Already?!! It feels like we just got here

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