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What is tourism?
a) It is the act of taking a tour.
b) It means leading a tour.
c) It refers to planning a holiday.
d) It is the business of travel.

Jane and sisters are travelling to South Korea to watch the World Cup. What type of tourists are they?
a) Eco tourists
b) Mature tourists
c) Sports tourists
d) Medical tourists

Ms Lee is travelling from Singapore to United States. She will transit at Hong Kong for 3 hours. What type of tourists is she?
a) Business tourist
b) Mature tourist
c) Sports tourist
d) Stopover tourist

Dr. Gibson is coming to Singapore to attend a medical research conference. What type of tourist is he?
a) Business tourist
b) Leisure tourist
c) Mature tourist
d) Medical tourist

A brochure contains many dfferent types of information. Which of the following information is not found in a brochure?
a) Brief history of the places of interest.
b) Number of toilets in the places of interest.
c) Walking route of the places of interest.
d) Opening and closing hours of the places of interest.

Which is not part of 'MICE' ?
a) Meetings
b) Convention
c) Exhibition
d) Interest

Pamela is going to South Korea for plastic surgery. Which type of tourist is she?
a) Busiess tourist
b) Stopover tourist
c) Medical tourist
d) Sports tourist

What are the 3 factors to consider when planning an itinerary?
a) Time, budget and suppliers.
b) Routing, time and suppliers.
c) Routing, budget and suppliers.
d) Budget, time and routing.

A tour from Thailand would like to experience the cultural sites of Singapore. Which place of interests will you recommend?
a) Orchard Road
b) Kampong Glam
c) Clarke Quay
d) Marina Bay Sands

Tim and his group of friends are from New Zealand. They are young and would like to have some fun at night. Which place of interests will you recommend?
a) Little India
b) Clarke Quay
c) Asian Civilisation Museum
d) Escape Theme Park

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