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Which of the following is not a retailing method?
a) Personal selling
b) Telephone
c) Vending machine
d) Internet

Which type of retail store sells a specific range of products and related items?
a) Convenience store
b) Specialty store
c) Department store
d) Supermarket

Hypermarket combines the features of ________________, ______________ and ____________ stores.
a) convenience, supermarket and department
b) supermarket, department and specialty
c) specialty, convenience and supermarket
d) none of the above.

What is not part of the exterior of the store?
a) Display window
b) Lightings
c) Entrance
d) Store signage

Which is not part of the store interior?
a) Display window
b) Flooring
c) Ceiling
d) Wall

What is cross-presentation?
a) This refers to crossing out the space to present the products.
b) This refers to putting products together.
c) This refers to the putting of related products together.
d) This refers to putting different variety of products together.

Which feature is not a feature of a specialty store?
a) It has a wide variety of products.
b) It has a distinct image.
c) It offers personalised service.
d) It caters to a specific market.

Which is not a feature of a convenience store?
a) it sells electrical appliances.
b) It is located in neighbourhood areas.
c) It sells products that are usually inexpensive.
d) It sells products that are purchased daily or frequently used by customers.

Which is not a feature of a department store?
a) It is located in major shopping centres.
b) It has more than 1 floor.
c) It provides a wide range of customers services such as gift wrapping and delivery services.
d) It offers competitive prices.

Which is not a feature of a supermarket?
a) It sells mainly food products.
b) It is not air-conditioned.
c) It offers competitive prices
d) It encourages self-service.

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