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Fluffy, our pet rhino, was not very fluffy.
a) Fluffy
b) rhino
c) was
d) no linking verb

There is a pigeon on my head.
a) on
b) is
c) pigeon
d) no linking verb

My tuna and chocolate chip ice cream smells funny.
a) smells
b) and
c) funny
d) no linking verb

We are aliens from the planet Zurkledurk.
a) We
b) are
c) aliens
d) no linking verb

My great grandpa makes a fantastic pizza pancake!
a) makes
b) great
c) fantastic
d) no linking verb

My brothers were in the movie "Garfield".
a) My
b) were
c) in
d) no linking verb

Your macaroni and glue artwork looks great!
a) Your
b) artwork
c) looks
d) no linking verb

We jumped to the moon, got cold, and then went back home.
a) jumped
b) got
c) went
d) no linking verb

She is a rock star in most of France and parts of the Sudan.
a) She
b) is
c) in
d) no linking verb

For the time, this book on raising unruly monsters will have to do.
a) this
b) raising
c) have
d) no linking verb

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