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Which is the state of matter where the particles take the shape and volume of the container?
a) solid
b) both liquid and gas
c) gas
d) liquid

What does all matter posses?
a) mass and volume
b) volume, but not mass
c) mass, but not volume
d) particles that move freely

Identify the state of matter where the particles can only vibrate in their fixed positions.
a) solid
b) both solid and liquid
c) gas
d) liquid

Thermal energy is associated with
a) the random movement of particles.
b) exothermic processes only.
c) endothermic processes only.
d) gases only.

If a process is exothermic, then energy
a) cannot be transferred as heat.
b) is absorbed.
c) is released.
d) is either absorbed or released, depending on the change in state.

The term fusion describes
a) boiling and condensing.
b) condensing and melting.
c) melting and boilinb.
d) freezing and melting.

What change in state is associated with the heat of vaporization?
a) solid to liquid
b) liquid to vapor
c) solid to vapor
d) liquid to solid

Energy as heat is added while a sample of matter changes state. The temperature
a) increases.
b) decreases.
c) remains the same.
d) does not measure the average kinetic energy of the particles.

A chemical reaction
a) does not involve changes in energy.
b) involves a rearrangement of atoms to form new substances.
c) always releases energy, usually as either heat or light.
d) cannot be an endothermic process.

Any change in matter in which its identity is changed is known as a(n)
a) physical change.
b) chemical change.
c) endothermic process.
d) exothermic process.

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