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In 1200 B.C., Jomon Period, due to wars with other clans the Ainu moved from the mainland Asia to:
a) Hokkaido, the Kurol Island, and Skhalin
b) Migrated to North America
c) All the region\'s islands of Japan
d) Northern Russia, Honshu, and Skhalin

Ainu left the mainland due to their mixed heritage of:
a) Russian and American Indian
b) Vietnamese and Chinese
c) Korean and Mongolian
d) Russian and Chinese

Few Ainu are recognized today in Japan due to
a) Tokugawa period when the Ainu became involved and depended upon Japanese trade and relations
b) All of these.
c) In 1899 Ainu were no longer aborigines of the land but only Japanese citizens.
d) Suffered from epidemic diseases such as smallpox; annexation of the island of Hokkaido

(1899-2008) To insure full assimilation into Japanese culture, Ainu:
a) Encouraged to intermarry with Japanese and language and customs became Japanese.
b) All but answer 2.
c) Men and Women had to dress like Japanese.
d) Men and women had to darken their skin color with makeup.

A village is called a Kotan in Ainu language; Kotan were settled near,
a) High mountains near the snow line for hunting and gathering
b) Around the southern islands of Japan to keep warm.
c) Kanto plain to plant rice.
d) Along river basins and along the seashore for hunting and fishing for salmon

Kotan houses were made of
a) bark of trees, thatch of grasses
b) stones
c) wooden planks
d) brick

How were the original Ainu different from the Yayoi, original Japanese
a) They were a different color
b) All of the above
c) men wore long beards, men didn\'t shave, wore long hair to the shoulders
d) Men wore women\'s clothing

What was the custom for making a proposal between a man and woman?
a) Exchanging rings
b) Sharing half of a bowl of rice each
c) Going out to a nice dinner
d) Shouting from the rooftop

What were the names of babies and young children and why?
a) Names of odd and dirty objects
b) They picked names that rhymed with theirs.
c) They chose names from the Bible.
d) Boys were named after their father, girls their mother

Ainu became adult males at the age of ______ and females at the age of _______.
a) 18; 21
b) 21;25
c) 12;13
d) 16-17;15-16

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