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To an employee, what is the purpose of the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?
a) To list health considerations and personal protection equipment
b) To comply with OSHA requirements
c) To list proper materials needed for a given job
d) To comply with the law

What is the main safety feature of the offset press?
a) double sheet detector
b) overflow know
c) Barrier/machine guard
d) height control

Which of the following personal protection equipment is commonly used in the printing industry?
a) Hard hat
b) Respirator
c) Safety Harness
d) Rubber Gloves

On a HMIS label, if the chemical's health rating is 3 it means?
a) Slight
b) Moderate
c) Severe
d) Serious

If a shop needs 172 pounds of black ink and it has 46, how many more pounds of black ink would the shop need?
a) 62
b) 81
c) 108
d) 126

If a chemical splashes onto a persons' hand, the person is in danger of allowing chemicals to enter his body through:
a) absorption
b) ingestion
c) inhalation
d) permutation

What is an organic compound that significantly participates in photo-chemical reactions and is released as hazardous emissions; an organic compound that will eventually vaporize (evaporate) and react with the atmosphere an sunlight to create smog and
a) Ink Mist
b) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
c) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
d) Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

Which answer is correct when lifting a heavy object.
a) place your feet together, and bend at the hip.
b) place your feet 8-12 inches apart, and bend at the hip.
c) place your feet together, and bend at the knee
d) place your feet 8-12 inches apart, and bend at the knee.

What are tiny droplets that make up a spray, fog, or mist of ink, created as rotating press rollers throw tiny droplets of ink into the air. Also called ink flying.
a) Ink Mist
b) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
c) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
d) Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

Flammable rags should be disposed at in the ____________.
a) Burn barrel.
b) Garbage can.
c) Recycling container.
d) Red hazardous trash can.

______________ allows ALL power to machinery and small appliances to be turned off when the lab or facility is not in use.
a) Barrier guards.
b) Lockout devices
c) Main disconnect switch
d) Tagout devices.

Put the following procedures in the correct order: (A) administer first aid. (B) make accurate notes (C) reassure injured person. (D) report all accidents (E) turn off power.

This safety color code indicates: Warning/Physical hazards can result in injury, storage for flammable materials, operator zones.
a) Blue
b) Orange
c) Red
d) Yellow

A fire consisting of ordinary combustible materials (clothing, wood, and paper) is a Class-_________ fire.
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

Four types of personal protective equipment are:
a) Aprons, ear plugs, glasses, and rubber gloves.
b) Aprons, ear plugs, goggles, and rubber gloves.
c) Aprons, ear plugs, glasses, and fabric gloves.
d) Aprons, ear plugs, goggles, and fabric gloves.

_____________ of any kind should never be allowed in the lab or classroom.
a) Beverages
b) Food
c) Gum
d) Horseplay

The lowest temperature at which a solvent will give off vapors that will support combustion is referred to as its _____________.
a) Boiling point
b) Burning point
c) Fire point
d) Flash point

The six OSHA-specified hazard areas are _____________, chemical, noise, fire, light, and ergonomics.
a) Equipment
b) Material
c) Mechanical
d) Metal

When making adjustments, lubricating or removing paper jams from the press, one should:
a) unplug the press
b) make sure the press is turned off
c) make sure the inking system is full
d) empty the feeder system

A print shop owner received $8438.64 in December, and paid out $5121.32 in January. How much profit did the shop make?
a) $3317.32
b) $3326.32
c) $3371.32
d) $3362.32

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