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What would not be a reason to take photos for documentation purposes?
a) Easy for non-medical person to understand
b) Inexpensive way to document findings
c) To prove the defendant guilty
d) Peer review

What type of camera is recommended in most cases when taking forensic photos?
a) Digital
b) Colposcope
c) Polaroid
d) 35 mm

When labeling photos for the medical record, what would not be important to document in the photo frame?
a) Patient's name
b) Date and time
c) Medical record # and account #
d) Name of facility

What type of scale is required when measuring bite marks?
a) Ruler
b) Coins
c) Any round scale

Proper placement of the scale should be in the same plane as the injury.
a) True
b) False

Always use a measuring scale in every forensic photo.
a) True
b) False

You have been subpoenaed to court related to your photo documentation, what would not be correct when providing information to the jury regarding your photos?
a) Must be able to describe how photos were taken with knowledge of the camera equipment.
b) Should be able to testify if the photos accurately portray the scene as viewed during the exam.
c) Must be able to accurately identify content of all photos for the jury.
d) Must be able to relate how your photos prove guilt or innocence.

You are attempting to photograph bruises on crying, frightened 2 yr. old. What should you avoid doing when taking photos?
a) Using toys to try to calm the child.
b) Allowing the child to handle the equipment providing safety.
c) Allowing the child to maintain a position of comfort even if you will not be able to obtain good photos.
d) Hold child securely to obtain photos, they must be obtained for documentation.

Even a poor quality photo is better than no photo at all.
a) True
b) False

A duplicate photo that accurately reproduces the original is admissible in court.
a) True
b) False

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