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Which of the following statements are dimensions of personal identity.
a) sports activities, music preferences, clothing
b) White, Black, Hispanic, Chinese
c) religion, values, race, cutlure, ethnicity,gender
d) none of the above

________________ is a strategy where one assimilates into the dominante cultural group by de-emphasizing racial characteristics.
a) racism
b) raclessness
c) segregation
d) empowerment

The four statuses to searching ones identity are
a) contact, immersion, reintegration, autonomy
b) oppositional, defiant, subordinant, dominant
c) confusing, humorous, depressing, joyous
d) diffuse, forclosed, moratorium, achieved

In the pre-encounter stage of development
a) socialization only occurs within the family
b) socialization is absorbed in the dominant culture
c) an event happens that forces one to come to terms with their race
d) both answers 1 and 2

During the encounter stage of racial identity
a) teens go looking for conflict
b) teens are comfortable with who they are
c) the social environment forces youth to feel impact of rasicm
d) none of the above

Stages of racial identity include
a) pre-encounter, encoutnter
b) immersion
c) internalization, commitment
d) All of the above

Contact, disintegration, reintegration, pseudo-independence, emmersion, autonomy are known as
a) stages of racial identity for Whites
b) stages of racial identity for Blacks
c) stages of racial identity for Hispaics
d) stages of racial identity for people that are bi-racial

One can become an emissary for their race if they
a) travel to other countries
b) see their own achievements advance the cause of their racial group
c) are a top music performer
d) reject their culture to fit into the dominant culture

We can help rasicm in our classrooms by
a) sharing the history and successes of peoples from all cultures
b) inspiring students to discove role models in their own schools and communities
c) finding opportunities to celebrate accomplishements among peers and family
d) all of the above

If you saw a group of Black students snooping around a car in your school parking lot you would
a) yell at them to back away from the car and call the police
b) stop and ask them if they needed help and notify the principal
c) keep walking or keep driving
d) do nothing

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