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How did Crusher finally get Gunnar's attention?
a) By hissing very loudly
b) By wiggling very quickly
c) By dancing and singing
d) By eating a lizard

When Crusher tried to escape, who found him?
a) Dad
b) Gunnar
c) Mom
d) Matthew

To what event at school does Gunnar take Crusher to?
a) A spelling Bee
b) PTA Program
c) Math test
d) The pet parade

What was the first food Crusher ate while in captivity?
a) Popcorn
b) an egg
c) a gopher
d) a juicy steak

Which of Gunnar's friends knew that Crusher was a female?
a) Matthew
b) Bob
c) Jill
d) Sally

What was Crusher's plan to escape?
a) To push the lid off his cage.
b) To scare Gunnar.
c) To pretend to be tame.
d) To pretend to be dead.

Why Crusher did Gunnar put Crusher in the wagon?
a) To take him on a grand tour of the house.
b) To take him to the store.
c) To take him to meet the other pets.
d) To get him some fresh air.

How do the pets communicate?
a) By hissing
b) Telepathically
c) Dancing
d) Telephones

What type of snake is Crusher?
a) Gopher Snake
b) Rattlesnake
c) Rat Snaker
d) Cobra

a) The lizard, Rex
b) The Dog
c) The tortoise, Speedy
d) The Cat

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