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a) figure out
b) what chief did what
c) remember to read who
d) the author is writing about

a) Your job to find the appropiate chief
b) For the events listed
c) You must read the
d) two handouts

a) 29. He marries Kaahumanu.
b) mes himself for inlering on Molokai
c) 12. He learns the power of guns and cannons
d) 19. He was promised peace if he came.

a) 8.He fought the batter at Nuuanua, but escapes
b) 28.He used a silled dgunner to retake Maui
c) 18. He was invited to a dedication of a heiau.
d) 9.He retires to Kohala to farm.

a) He apoints his son to be ruling chief in his absence.
b) 17. He recieved two maika stones to choose from.
c) 7. He fights with Kaaina and cannot be defeated.
d) 26. He becomes the ruling chief when Kiwalao is killed.

a) 4. He and other chiefs escapt to Oahu after his warriors escape up the cliffs.
b) 15. H fights Kam, but no clear winner is declared.
c) 6. He is insulted at a party.
d) 16. He is killed by Keoua

a) 51.Skilled with guns they became valuable warriors to Kam.
b) 22. Old man tells him how to cut off the water supply.
c) 24. he wars against Keawemaujili when Kam was warring in Maui
d) He becomes caretaker of the Kukalilimoku.

a) He and other chiefs escape to Oahu after his warriors escape up the cliffs.
b) 21. he was captured while carrying a gung and a sword.
c) 8. He fought the battle at Nuuanu, but escapes to the mountains
d) 25. He helps Capt. Brown then tries to take their ships

a) 20. He fight Kam in Hana and is killed.
b) 13. He did not allo Kam and other chiefs lands.
c) 11.He sets up a narrow pass at Iao.
d) 2. Wars against Kiwalao to retake Hana.

a) 23. his mother is Kekuiapoiwa
b) 1. He names his son to be ruling chief
c) 30. Kam could not defeat him at Kau
d) 10. His forces held out on a fortified hill.

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