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Ectoparasites reside on the ____.
a) Skin
b) Eyes
c) Intestine
d) Colon

Endoparasites reside ______ the animal.
a) Inside
b) On the skin of
c) In the hair of
d) All answers are correct

Hypomagnesemia is…
a) Low blood magnesium
b) Elevated blood magnesium
c) Low blood manganese
d) Elevated blood manganese

_____ is a route of drug or fluid administration into the bone marrow cavity
a) Intramedullary administration
b) Intracranial administration
c) Intramuscular administration
d) Intradermal administration

Another name for cancer is….
a) Neoplasia
c) Meningitis
d) Alopecia

Oncology is the study of ___.
a) Cancer
b) Eyes
c) Infections
d) Elderly animals

a) An increased amount of urine.
b) A decreased amount of urine.
c) Drinking excessive amounts of water
d) Not drinking enough water.

___ are infectious proteins. Scrapie in sheep, Creutzfeldt Jakob disease in humans, and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in cattle (Mad Cow Disease)are all caused by ______.
a) Prions
b) Bacteria
c) Worms
d) Mites

Probiotics are a live microbial feed supplement which _________ affects the host animal.
a) Beneficially
b) Adversely
c) Slowly
d) Quickly

________ is the discharge of more fluid than normal fecal matter from the bowel; often more frequently than normal.
a) Scours
b) Scourge
c) Colic
d) Mastitis

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