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A ______ is an accumulation of pus in a dead space between tissues containing bacteria, white blood cells and dead tissue.
a) Abcess
b) Pus Pocket
c) Hematoma
d) Bruise

Anemia is defined as…
a) Low in red blood cells
b) High in red blood cells
c) Low in white blood cells
d) High in white blood cells

CPR stands for….
a) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
b) Cardiopulmonary Rescue
c) Cardiac Pressure Resistance
d) Compulsive Pulse Restraint

_________ is a bacterial disease resulting from a cat scratch, which causes a soreness at the inflicted site, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes
a) Cat scratch fever
b) Feline Inflammatory Disease
c) Meningitis
d) Feline Bacteriosis

A complete blood cell count measures which of the following:
a) All of the responses
b) Red Blood Cell Count
c) Amount of hemaglobin
d) number of platelets

Cyanosis is the _____ color associated with low oxygen levels in the blood.
a) Blue
b) Green
c) Yellow
d) Pink

A hematoma is an accumulation of ______ in the dead space between tissues.
a) Blood
b) Pus
c) Water
d) Dead tissue

__________ is a disease involving severe cough, which commonly occurs in dogs kept in close quarters.
a) Kennel Cough
b) Colic
c) Valley Fever
d) Whooping Cough

Tachycardia is defined as a
a) Elevated heart rate
b) Lowered heart rate
c) Elevated respiratory rate
d) Lowered respiratory rate

Acute refers to the _________ of a symptom.
a) Sudden onset
b) Prolonged onset
c) Long term nature
d) Contagious nature

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