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An otoscope is an instrument primarily used for examining the:
a) ears
b) throat
c) rectum
d) eyes

Which patient information should be included on the laboratory request form when ordering a blood culture?
a) Received penicillin 12 hours before the specimen was taken
b) Consumed a large meal 8 hours before the specimen was taken
c) Has a 3-year history of a chronic skin disease
d) Has taken monthly heartworm preventative for 1 year

A dog that weighs 30 lbs (13.6 kg) has had medication prescribed at a dosage of 0.01 mg/lb (0.022 mg/kg). The medication is available only in tablets that contain 0.3 mg each. Fo
a) 1
b) 1.5
c) 0.5
d) 0.25

The penetrating power of an X ray is controlled by the:
a) kilovoltage
b) low-energy transformers
c) milliampere-seconds
d) milliamperage

Which of the following parasites is most likely to cause eye damage to a human who becomes infected?
a) A Toxocara canis larva
b) A Sarcoptes scabiei mite
c) An Ancylostoma caninum larva
d) A Cheyletiella parasitivorax mite

Which of the following methods would be an initial measure in providing first aid for epistaxis?
a) Application of ice packs to the nasal passages
b) Injection with vitamin K
c) Administration of a tranquillizer
d) Application of a pressure bandage to the affected area

Treatment instructions on a hospitalized dog read: "Administer chloramphenicol 500 mg b.i.d. per os." To comply with these instructions, the treatment is correctly interpreted as:
a) 500 mg twice a day by mouth
b) 500 mg three times a day in food
c) 250 mg three times a day in food
d) 250 mg twice a day by mouth

If an error is made on a medical record, the proper method for correcting the mistake is to:
a) draw a single line though it and initial the correction
b) white it out with correction fluid
c) erase it
d) scratch it out so it cannot be read

A bovine can be made recumbent by exerting pressure on muscles and nerves with a series of carefully placed and tightened ropes. This technique is called:
a) casting
b) tilting squeeze
c) haltering
d) hobbling

A correct statement concerning guinea pigs is that they are:
a) unable to synthesize sufficient vitamin C
b) carnivorous
c) mature at birth
d) strictly monogamous

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