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The Great Depression was caused in part by
a) increasing government support of big business
b) the overuse of credit and installment buying
c) high wages and low unemployment
d) the scarcity of farm products

The purchase of stocks on margin, overuse of credit and the fall in demand for goods all illustrate
a) causes of the great depression
b) the rise of the labor movement
c) the Gilded Age
d) Effects of Monopolies and Trusts

During the Great Depression, one main objective of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's fireside chats was to
a) reassure people about the future of the economy
b) convince listeners to buy war bonds
c) encourage bankers to donate their money
d) help farmers pay their loans

The stock market crash, the bank holiday, and the term Dust Bowl are all associated with
a) reforms related to the Progressive Era
b) the Great Depression
c) the Square Deal
d) the US after World War II

Which event is credited with starting the Great Depression?
a) the election of Franklin D Roosevelt as President
b) stock market crash
c) the Senate's failure to ratify the Treaty of Versailles
d) adoption of the New Deal

Which New Deal legislation continues to play a significant role in American life?
a) Agricultural Adjustment Act
b) Federal Emergency Relief Act
c) National Industrial Recovery Act
d) Social Security Act

Some people opposed the New Deal because they thought that
a) it was a danger to the free enterprise system
b) Congress had too much power over the president
c) women should not be granted voting rights
d) the Supreme Court should develop governmental policies

Which New Deal law established a system of unemployment insurance and pensions for retired workers?
a) Fair Labor Standards Act
b) National Labor Relations Act
c) National Recovery Act
d) Social Security Act

In the early 1930s, many communities of homeless Americans were referred to as Hoovervilles because President Herbert Hoover
a) grew up in a poverty stricken area
b) guaranteed jobs to the unemployed
c) provided food and clothing for the poor
d) opposed direct federal aid for the unemployed

A major goal of the New Deal was to
a) keep the United States out of war
b) provide work for the unemployed
c) conserve natural resources
d) establish wage and price controls

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