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The goal of the Open Door policy of the United States was to
a) establish military control of Latin America
b) protect United States trading rights in China
c) encourage Japanese immigration to the United States
d) allow for free trade with the Philippines

What was the goal of the United States when it began its Open Door policy toward China?
a) defending its new Asian territories
b) protecting China from a Japanese invasion
c) assuring equal trading rights for itself
d) stopping importation of inexpensive goods from China

A major reason that Secretary of State John Hay announced the Open Door policy in 1899 was to
a) secure important military bases in Europe
b) encourage more immigration from Europe
c) increase United States access to trade in Asia
d) claim new colonial territories in Africa

By proclaiming the Open Door policy in 1899, the United States was attempting to
a) keep Japan from attacking and colonizing China
b) increase trade between Russia and the United States
c) ensure equal trading opportunities in China
d) prevent European countries from colonizing the Western Hemisphere

The big stick policy of Theodore Roosevelt was used primarily to
a) deal with problems of racial segregation
b) conduct his foreign policy
c) expand the western frontier
d) win the Spanish-American War

Which overseas action most clearly demonstrates the use of Theodore Roosevelt's Big Stick foreign policy?
a) purchase of Alaska from Russia
b) declaration of war against Germany in 1917
c) seizure of the Hawaiian Islands
d) support of the Panamanian revolt

The Monroe Doctrine, the Roosevelt Corollary and the Good Neighbor policy shaped United States relations with
a) Latin America
b) the Middle East
c) Asia
d) Africa

A major reason the United States wanted to build the Panama Canal was to
a) improve United States relations with Latin America
b) increase trade with England
c) protect United States citizens living in South America
d) shorten the sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts

The chief reason the United States built the Panama Canal was to
a) close the Western Hemisphere to new European colonization
b) reduce travel time for commercial and military shipping
c) promote an isolationist foreign policy
d) prevent the spread of communism

In the late 1800s, Western nations carved out spheres of influence in China in order to
a) support Chinese business interests
b) gain special trading privileges
c) protect their diplomats from foreign attacks
d) limit Chinese immigration to their countries

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