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Definition - not able to tolerate something
a) Intolerable
b) Imperious
c) Endeavor
d) Delirium

Definition - to make an effort
a) Habitation
b) Ineffectual
c) Endeavor
d) Delirium

Definition - without a satisfactory effect or result
a) Ineffectual
b) Delirium
c) Habitation
d) Intolerable

Definition - violent excitement or emotion
a) Imperious
b) Habitation
c) Delirium
d) Endeavor

Definition - uncivilized; savage
a) Barbarously
b) Dejection
c) Thwart
d) Quaintly

Definition - something marked by disturbance and large commotion
a) Thwart
b) Tumultuous
c) Impious
d) Quaintly

Definition - wicked or evil; to have qualities of a devil
a) Diabolical
b) Impious
c) Remedies
d) Dejection

Definition - a plan or a scheme
a) Contrivance
b) Quaintly
c) Remedies
d) Disjointed

Definition - something strange or unusual but in a pleasing way
a) Barbarously
b) Quaintly
c) Dejection
d) Disjointed

Definition - something that cures a disease or disorder
a) Dejection
b) Tumultuous
c) Remedies
d) Thwart

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