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Which of the following is equivalent to 3/5
a) .5
b) .3
c) .6
d) .2

Mary uses 1/2 cup of flour in her cake. Which of the following is equivalent to 1/2?
a) .5
b) .2
c) .25
d) .05

John spent 1/4 of a dollar on candy at the store. If he paid with $1.00, how much change did he receive?
a) .50
b) .75
c) .25
d) .80

Which benchmark is equivalent to 1/8?
a) .80
b) .0125
c) .125
d) 1.25

Alex used 3 1/2 gallons of gas mowing lawns on Tuesday. Which of the following is another way of stating how much gas he used?
a) 31.5 gallons
b) .35 gallons
c) 3.05 gallons
d) 3.5 gallons

Which of the following is equivalent to the fraction 4/3?
a) 1.333...
b) 4.3
c) .43
d) 1.4

Mary gave 1/5 of her candy bar to Elizabeth. Which of the following is the equivalent to the amount given away?
a) .02
b) 2.0
c) .200
d) .05

What is the decimal equivalent of 9/100
a) .9
b) 900
c) .009
d) .09

Pedro road his bicyle 1.25 miles. Which of the following is an equivalant way to state this distance?
a) 1 1/4
b) 1 25/10
c) 1 1/2
d) 1 3/10

Judy read for 7/8 of an hour. Which of the following is NOT equivalent to this amount of time?
a) .875
b) 0.875
c) 0.8750
d) 8.75

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