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On a roller coaster ride, the car has the most potential energy
a) at the top of the hill.
b) at the bottom of the hill.
c) halfway down the hill.
d) halfway up the hill.

Some radiant energy comes from
a) the movement of of molecules.
b) the sun.
c) the splitting of an atom.
d) the Earth's core

Nuclear energy coems from
a) the sun.
b) the movement of molecules.
c) the splitting of rocks.
d) the splitting of atoms.

The energy of movement is called
a) radiant energy
b) potential energy
c) kinetic energy.
d) solar energy.

Solar panels heat a house by changing
a) thermal energy into radiant energy.
b) chemical energy into electrical energy.
c) radiant energy into thermal energy.
d) electrical energy into chemical energy.

When you ring a bell, you change a form of energy into
a) chemical energy.
b) sound energy.
c) thermal energy.
d) radiant energy.

Radiant energy travels in
a) electrical wires.
b) pairs.
c) waves.
d) long straight lines.

Scientists used evidence from ________ to develop the theory of plate tectonics.
a) newspapers.
b) fossils.
c) animal families.
d) planets.

The major force that move earth's plates and changes rocks is
a) earthquakes.
b) intense heat in the mantle.
c) ice and snow.
d) glaciers.

Forces that change the earth's surface are
a) weathering, erosion and deposition.
b) snow and rain.
c) earth, wind and fire.
d) fossil fuels, air and water.

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