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The outer part of the lithosphere is the
a) crust
b) mantle
c) core
d) atmosphere

Earth's lakes, ocenas, and rivers are part of the
a) hydrosphere
b) atmosphere
c) lithosphere
d) geography

The center of the earth is the solid iron
a) mantle
b) crust
c) inner core
d) valley

A renewable resource is
a) oil
b) coal
c) wind
d) fossil fuels

Opposite charges
a) have no effect on each other.
b) repel each other
c) affect each other only when they touch.
d) attract each other.

Giant sparks of moving charges are called
a) thunder
b) electric currents.
c) electric circuits.
d) lightning

All of these are special switches that protect us EXCEPT
a) circuit breakers
b) fuses.
c) GFCI outlets.
d) dimmer switches.

The tow magnet poles
a) N and E
b) N and S
c) E and W
d) S and W

Something that helps regulate heat in a home is called a
a) fuse.
b) thermostat.
c) battery
d) GFCI outlet.

A generator changes
a) nuclear energy into radiant energy.
b) radiant energy into nuclear energy.
c) mechanical energy into electrical energy.
d) electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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