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The ozone layer protects living things on Earth from
a) visible light.
b) infrared rays.
c) ultraviolet radiation.
d) carbon dioxide.

Most air pollution comes from
a) burning fossil fuels.
b) pollen.
c) forest fires.
d) volcanic eruptions.

Nearly half of the pollution caused by burning fossil fuels comes from
a) factories.
b) power plants.
c) home furnaces.
d) motor vehicles.

One thing people in the United States could do to reduce air pollution is
a) drive their cars more.
b) burn more fossil fuels.
c) use more public transportation.
d) build more factories.

The greenhouse effect is
a) the absorption of energy by clouds.
b) a gradual increase in the temperature of the atmosphere.
c) the reflection of solar energy into the atmosphere.
d) the process by which gases hold heat in the atmosphere.

The freezing point of pure water on the Celsius scale is
a) 0°C.
b) 32°C.
c) 100°C.
d) 100°C.

Heat transfer between two substances that are in contact is called
a) conduction.
b) thermal energy.
c) convection.
d) radiation.

Heat from the sun reaches you by
a) conduction.
b) light emissions.
c) convection.
d) radiation.

Convection takes place because
a) warm air is more dense than humid air.
b) warm and cold air have the same density.
c) cold air is less dense than warm air.
d) cold air is more dense than warm air.

Winds are caused by differences in
a) precipitation.
b) humidity.
c) air pressure.
d) turbulence.

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