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4 out of 5 dentists recommend using SuperWhite toothpaste. What percent of dentists do NOT recommend using SuperWhite toothpaste?
a) 60%
b) 10%
c) 20%
d) 80%

25% of 6th grade students have iPhones. If there are 640 students in 6th grade, how many students have iPhones?
a) 320
b) 250
c) 200
d) 160

38 out of every 95 people that eat at a restaurant will order dessert. What percent of people that eat at a restaurant will order dessert?
a) 38%
b) 40%
c) 25%
d) 2.5%

Jamie bought a jumbo bag of Jolly Ranchers. 30% of the Jolly Ranchers were blue raspberry. If 63 Jolly Ranchers were blue raspberry, how many total Jolly Ranchers were in the bag?
a) 300
b) 630
c) 210
d) 420

15% of the houses in George's neighborhood are two-story houses. If there are 160 houses in the neighborhood, how many houses are 2-story houses?
a) 16
b) 24
c) 27
d) 32

6 out of 24 students say that math is their favorite subject. What percent of students do not say that math is their favorite subject?
a) 25%
b) 6%
c) 24%
d) 75%

35% of the cars in the parking lot are silver. If there are 70 silver cars in the parking lot, how many cars are in the parking lot in all?
a) 200
b) 250
c) 750
d) 470

PetsMart did a dog bone taste-test and found that 8 out of 40 dogs prefer Tasty Treat dog bones. What percent of the dogs preferred the Tasty Treat dog bones?
a) 8%
b) 25%
c) 40%
d) 20%

James makes 60% of the shots he attempts. In his last game, he shot 25 times. How many shots did he make?
a) 12
b) 15
c) 20
d) 25

Last month, 15% of the songs downloaded on iTunes were by Taylor Swift. If 375 Taylor Swift songs were downloaded, how many songs were downloaded in all?
a) 2,275
b) 2,500
c) 2,050
d) 3,750

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