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Which statement best explains why the moon has more craters than Earth?
a) Weathering and erosion do not occur on the moon.
b) The moon is tectonically active.
c) The moon has a thicker atmosphere.
d) Earth has never been struck by rapidly moving debris.

Light cannot escape the intense gravitational pull of a ____.
a) black hole
b) black dwarf
c) red giant
d) main-sequence star

The sun can continue to exist in its present stable state for about another ____.
a) 5.5 billion years
b) 100 billion years
c) 15.5 billion years
d) 10 billion years

Which planet has a greater mass than the combined mass of all the remaining planets and their moons?
a) Jupiter
b) Pluto
c) Saturn
d) Venus

What will be the final stage in the sun’s life cycle?
a) white dwarf
b) red giant
c) black dwarf
d) planetary nebula

Most meteor showers are associated with the orbits of ____.
a) comets
b) satellites
c) meteorites
d) planets

During the period that the moon’s phases are changing from new to full, the moon is ____.
a) waxing
b) approaching Earth
c) waning
d) exhibiting retrograde motion

The relatively small, rocky bodies generally found orbiting between Mars and Jupiter are known as ____.
a) asteroids
b) comets
c) meteoroids
d) satellites

The name for the space cloud of gas and dust that will eventually form a star is ____.
a) nebula
b) black hole
c) red giant
d) supernova

Seasons are caused by ____.
a) Earth's tilted axis
b) precession
c) Earth's distance from the sun
d) Earth's rotation

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