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How did Darwin explain the fact that only few offsprings of any species survive to reproduce?
a) Each species act to limit the size of its own population.
b) Every species is limited to a certain number of offspring.
c) The members of a species allow only specific offspring to reproduce.
d) Offspring must compete for available resources in order to survive.

Which statement best describes competition? It exists
a) only among individuals within the same species
b) only between different species in the same area
c) only between different species living in different areas
d) among individuals of the same species and between different species living in the same area

Which description relates to an acquired characteristic?
a) Jamal is tall and thin.
b) Olivia has curly, blond hair.
c) Brittney has a widow's peak like her father.
d) Jose has large muscles from doing exercise.

Which concept is not a part of the theory of evolution?
a) Present-day species developed from earlier species.
b) Complex organisms develop from simple organisms over time.
c) Some species die out when environmental changes occur.
d) Change occurs according to the needs of an individual organism to survive.

When a breeder allows only the strongest and fastest horses to reproduce, she is practicing
a) artificial selection
b) natural selection
c) artificial mutation
d) asexual reproduction

Unlike in natural selection, in artificial selection
a) genetic information is passed from one generation to the next
b) humans, not the environment, decide which organisms will reproduce
c) the natural environment, not humans, decide which organisms will reproduce
d) mating is random and all organisms may pass their traits on to their offspring

Which situation would most likely result in the highest rate of natural selection in a population?
a) reproduction of organisms by an asexual method in an unchanging environment
b) reproduction of organisms in an unchanging environment that has few predators
c) reproduction of organisms that have a very low mutation rate in a changing environment
d) reproduction of organisms that show genetic differences due to mutations in a changing environment

Some behaviors, such as mating and caring for the young, are genetically determined in most species of birds. The presence of these behaviors is most likely due to the fact that
a) birds do not have the ability to learn
b) these behaviors helped birds to survive in the past
c) individual birds need to learn to survive and reproduce
d) within their lifetimes, birds developed these behaviors

According to the theory of natural selection, why are some individuals more likely than others to survive and reproduce?
a) Some individuals pass on to their offspring new acquired characteristics
b) Some individuals do not pass on to their offspring new acquired characteristics
c) Some individuals are better adapted to exist in their environment than others are
d) Some individuals tend to produce fewer offspring than others in the same environment

According to modern evolutionary theory, genes responsible for new traits that help a species survive in a particular environment will usually
a) not change in frequency over time
b) decrease rapidly in frequency
c) decrease gradually in frequency
d) increase in frequency over time

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