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Who were the big three?
a) Wilson, Clemenceau, and George
b) Britian, Russia, and France
c) Ally, Axis and Central powers
d) Ferdinand, Princip, and Sarajevo

Which country lost 13 percent of it's land?
a) Poland
b) Germany
c) Italy
d) France

Which country regained Alsace-Lorraine?
a) France
b) Poland
c) Germany
d) Italy

Where was the Peace treaty signed?
a) Versailles
b) Berlin
c) Rome
d) Moscow

Allowing people to decide what government they want to live under is called...
a) Self-determination
b) Free-descision
c) Government-determination
d) Unregulated government

What were trenches like?
a) Disgusting: cramped, dirty, full of lice and rats, diseased, dangerous
b) clean
c) completely protected from any attacks
d) none of these are correct

What is the territory that was administered on behalf of the League of Nations?
a) Stalemate
b) No man's land
c) Mandates
d) Ultimatum

What association of Nations formed after World War i?
a) United Nations
b) League of Nations
c) Organization of American States
d) The European Union

What was the new nation carved out of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?
a) Austria
b) Yugoslavia
c) Poland
d) Hungary

What are payments for war damage called?
a) reparations
b) mandates
c) pandemic
d) conscription

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