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What document serves as the basis for American law and government?
a) The United States Constitution.
b) The children\'s chart
c) The War Powers Act.
d) The Declaration of Independence

When was the U.S. Constitution written?
a) 1776
b) 1945
c) 1848
d) 1788

How many colonies were there originally when the United States was founded?
a) 13
b) 50
c) 21
d) 19

What was the principal cause of the American Civil War?
a) slavery
b) World War I
c) the fight for independence
d) taxes on tea

what event started the Great Depression ?
a) The Wall Street crash of 1929
b) The election of Ronald Reagan
c) The assassination of President Lincoln
d) the great Famine of 1848

the “Prohibition” made it forbidden to
a) sell alcohol
b) buy cars
c) smoke in public places
d) use drugs

Rossevelt\'s New Deal was
a) a plan of government assistance to people in poverty
b) a game of poker
c) the creation of a subway station
d) a plan to prepare American industry for World War II

the 1st step on the moon was made on
a) July 11th 1969
b) July 11th 1910
c) July 11th 1989
d) July 11th 1945

the “Melting-pot” is
a) an American ideal of assimilation
b) a Ben&Jerry vanilla ice-cream
c) a capitalistic theory
d) a salad sold at Macdonald’s

Blacks make up what percentage of America\'s population?
a) about 11 %
b) about 5 %
c) about 50 %
d) about 33 %

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