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Imperialism is..
a) the domination by one country of the political, economic and cultural life of another country
b) When a king takes the crown from a previous one
c) the destruction of a dictatorship
d) none of these answers are correct

Meaning of the Quote: The Jewel and the Crown
a) China is the most valuable. Control of the silk road. Resources; tea, spices, silk
b) Egypt is the most valuable. Occupation of the suez canal.
c) India is the most valuable. Held on to 1947. Resources: cotton, tea, jewels, indigo, spices, opium
d) Britain itself is the jewel and the crown of Europe

Who sought civil disobedience through non-violence?
a) Robspierre
b) Kwame Nkrumah
c) Gandhi
d) Sun Yixan

What is apartheid?
a) Where blacks and whites are separated, and whites got better land, facilities, ect.
b) The integration of blacks and whites
c) Nationalism in one's culture
d) The whites try to kill off all of the blacks

What were the white people trying to get across in the story: The White Man's Burden
a) the white man's burden is to fight imperialism
b) White men need to preserve cultures of all people
c) It was the white's job to be westernize/civilize other people which was a burden
d) it was the white who had to do all the labor

What is Vietnam's main crop?
a) Rice
b) Rubber
c) Corn
d) Wheat

King Leopold II...
a) a harsh ruler of France who annexed Belgium
b) was a courteous ruler of Portugal who annexed Belgium
c) was a courteous ruler of Belgium who was assassinated by Islam extremists
d) was a harsh ruler of the DRC, who had to forfeit his land to the Belgian government

What is a true statement about Imperial South Korea?
a) Korea owns 25% of it's economy, Japan owns the other 75%
b) Japan forced Korea to open 3 of its ports in the Ganghwa Treaty
c) Korea did not abuse it's citizens
d) Korea flourishes with free trade

What were the four ways China resisted European invasion?
a) Opium Wars, Battle of Cheongsanri, Open Door Policy, Durham Report
b) Taiping Rebellion, Betrayal at the Peace Conference, Negritude, Boxer Uprising
c) Opium Wars, Meji Restoration, The Good Neighboor Policy, The Manchurian Incident
d) Opium Wars, Taiping Rebellion, Open Door Policy, Boxer Uprising

What is true about the Scramble for Africa?
a) it took place in 1885
b) The European powers split apart Africa without consent at the Berlin Conference
c) Tribes were split up which caused conflict
d) All of the these answers are correct

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