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What does HTML stand for?
a) Home Tool Markup Language
b) Hyper Text Markup Language
c) Hyperlinks and Text Markup Language
d) Home Text Markup Language

Which of the following tags create a hyperlink?
a) hpr
b) link:
c) img src
d) a href

Which of the following will insert an image from an online source?
a) img scr="http://website"
b) img src="http://website"
c) image src="http://website"
d) img src="image.jpg"

What program is best for writing HTML?
a) Word
b) Wordpad
c) Notepad
d) Excel

Which of the following will change the background image of your webpage?
a) html
b) body background
c) body
d) head

Which of the following is a properly saved HTML document?
a) pisel.doc
b) pisel.exl
c) pisel.htm
d) pisel.save

HTML does what?
a) Provides the language to create web pages
b) Transfers documents to a specific folder
c) Provides companies with internet access for a monthly fee
d) Maintains your hard drive

What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?
a) Image:
b) img href=”image.jpg”
c) image”image.jpg"
d) img src=”image.jpg”

What is the correct HTML tag for the largest heading?
a) heading
b) h1
c) h17
d) hd

What is the preferred way for adding a background color?
a) body bgcolor=”yellow”
b) body style=”background-color:yellow”
c) background is yellow
d) background Yellow end background

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