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Which of these choices states Newton’s law of universal gravitation?
a) As a planet moves around its orbit, the planet covers equal areas in an equal amount of time.
b) The orbit of a planet or other body around the sun is an ellipse, and the sun is one focus of the
c) The square of a planet’s orbital period is proportional to the cube of the planet’s mean distance
d) Gravitational force increases as the mass of an object increases or as the distance between two o

24. Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System. The figure below shows part of the planet’s surface and atmosphere.Why is Venus so hot?
a) The surface of Venus absorbs energy from the sun.
b) The rotation of Venus affects how the sun’s rays enter its atmosphere.
c) The atmosphere of Venus reflects heat back down to the surface of the planet.
d) The atmosphere of Venus allows the sun’s rays to go back into space to absorb more energy from th

Which of these phrases describes a meteoroid?
a) small, icy body that orbits the sun
b) small, rocky body that travels through space
c) small, rocky body that reaches Earth’s surface
d) small, rocky body that burns up in Earth’s atmosphere

During which two phases of the moon do neap tides take place?
a) new moon, full moon
b) new moon, first quarter moon
c) third quarter moon, full moon
d) first quarter moon, third quarter moon

21.Galaxies are large groups of millions, billions, or even trillions of stars. What keeps the stars in a galaxy from moving away from each other?
a) Gravity
b) Density
c) Composition
d) Temperature

Why is the timing of tides predictable?
a) because winds are predictable
b) because the moon’s path is predictable
c) because ocean water density is predictable
d) because the sun’s movements are predictable

Which phrase describes the heliocentric model of the solar system?
a) sun-centered
b) Earth-centered
c) moon-centered
d) planet-centered

11. Scientists have determined that the sun will continue to consume hydrogen collected in its core for another five billion years or so. After the hydrogen is consumed, what will
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) helium
d) magnesium

During which two phases of the moon do spring tides take place?
a) new moon, full moon
b) new moon, first quarter moon
c) third quarter moon, full moon
d) first quarter moon, third quarter moon

7. One of the elements found on Mars is iron. Which feature of Mars is a result of iron combining with oxygen in the atmosphere of Mars?
a) the planet’s polar ice
b) the planet’s breathable air
c) the planet’s red color
d) the reactivation of the planet’s volcanoes

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