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Which organizational structure does Kate Chopin employ in The Story of an Hour?
a) in medias res
b) epistolary narrative
c) flashback
d) chronological order

Which organizational structure does Mark Twain use in The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County?
a) in medias res
b) chronological order
c) frame narrative
d) flashback

Which organizational structure was not evident in the episode of CSI we watched?
a) chronological order
b) epistolary narrative
c) frame narrative
d) in medias res

Which organizational structure did Jefferson employ in The Declaration of Independence?
a) chronological order
b) in medias res
c) parallelism
d) flashback

Which event is the climax of The Great Gatsby?
a) Daisy and Gatsby's affair.
b) Myrtle's death.
c) Gatsby's death.
d) Daisy's confession that she loves Tom.

In The Yellow Wallpaper, what is the conflict?
a) The narrator had a baby.
b) The narrator is afraid her husband is looking at the wallpaper.
c) The maid is visiting the narrator's room too often.
d) The narrator's husband doesn't believe she is sick.

Which work was an epistolary narrative?
a) I Hear America Singing
b) Of Plymouth Plantation
c) The Raven
d) Upon the Burning of My House

What is not part of the exposition of The Jilting of Granny Weatherall
a) Granny doesn't think she is dying.
b) George left Granny at the alter.
c) Cornelia is annoying Granny.
d) Hapsy died.

Which of the following organizational structures BEST applies to Upon the Burning of My House
a) chronological order
b) epistolary narrative
c) flashback
d) frame narrative

Which of the following lines indicates the resolution of The Glass Menagerie?
a) Jim suddenly turns her about and kisses her on the lips
b) Amanda comforts Laura.
c) I descended the step of this fire-escape for a last time and followed, from then on my father's footsteps.
d) Jim breaks the unicorn.

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