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Fort de France is the capital of
a) France
b) Ajaccio
c) Martinique
d) Corsica

Marie Antoinette was married to...
a) Louis 14th
b) Napoleon
c) The Sun King
d) Louis 16th

In France the ground floor....
a) is the rez-de chaussee
b) is le sous-sol
c) is only used in appartment buildings
d) is the same thing as the first floor

In France, dogs...
a) speak French
b) have three ears
c) are not allowed in cafes and restaurants
d) are allowed in cafes and restaurants

Napoleon was
a) King of France
b) a really great guy
c) married to Marie-Antionette
d) Emperor of France

Mona Lisa is at
a) La Pyramid
b) the Musee D\'Orsay
c) the Louvre
d) La tour Eiffel

French people like to shop
a) at Large supermarkets
b) on Sundays
c) at 5:00
d) at smaller shops because the products are better

The longest river in France is the
a) Rhin
b) Loire
c) Seine
d) Rhon

a) does not have American Fast Food Restaurants
b) does not eat pizza
c) does not have their own fast food restaurants
d) does not have Burger King

a) is the largest castle in the Loire Valley
b) is the castle that Henri the second gave to his mistress
c) has 440 rooms.
d) is where Marie Antoinette lived

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