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What is the purpose of the Cost of Goods Sold Statement?
a) To examine how much you are spending on operating expenses.
b) All of the above are purposes of the COGS statement
c) To show how much Gross Profit per product sold you will earn
d) To show how much Net Income/Loss you will be making within a given period

Which of the following is not included in the income statement?
a) Tax Payment
b) Gross Profit
c) Revenue
d) Debt

What is it called when the entrepreneur borrows money from a person or an institution, with the promise to pay it back?
a) Venture Capitalist
b) Debt Financing
c) Equity Financing
d) Bootstrap Financing

Which of the following equations represents a Loss?
a) Seed Money is less than Costs
b) Expenses are greater than Costs
c) Revenue is greater than Costs
d) Costs are greater than Revenue

Which of the following is an example of a disadvantage when considering Equity Financing?
a) You have to give up some control of your company
b) All of the above are disadvantages to Equity Financing
c) You may be denied the loan if you don\' t have a good business plan.
d) You have to pay interest

If you are forced into bankruptcy, which of the following types of business ownerships will protect your personal belongings?
a) Partnership
b) All of the above
c) Corporation
d) Sole Proprietorship

Which is not a reason you could be turned down for a bank loan?
a) Lack of an adequate business plan
b) Lack of a partner
c) Lack of personal invcestment in the company
d) Lack of business experience

What is the goal of Bootstrap Financing?
a) To keep start-ups costs low and finance with your profits as you go
b) To finance through a loan or venture capitalist
c) To start your business out as big and successful as possible
d) To hire the least amount of employees

Ingredients would be an example of which of the following:
a) Variable cost and a one-time fee
b) Fixed cost and an on-going cost
c) Fixed cost and a one-time fee
d) Variable cost and an on-going cost

What is the initial amount of money needed to cover start-up costs and other preliminary expenses?
a) Initial Money
b) Seed money
c) Start-up money
d) Debt

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