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When creating a chart to analyze the effect of oil prices on the cost of stocks, which data will appear on the x axis?
a) Months
b) Oil prices
c) Stock names
d) Stock prices

A spreadsheet is created with drop down items that a user can select from. This is an example of which function?
a) Count
b) Fill Series
c) List
d) Lookup

What function should Eva use to calculate her final grade if her exam counts 25%, her test grades count 25%, and her daily work counts 50%?
a) Average
b) If
c) Max
d) Min

What function will display the word "Yes" when the value in Cell A1 is greater than the value in Cell B1 and "No" when otherwise?
a) If
b) Lookup
c) Max
d) Min

What function will calculate the total cost of merchandise plus the tax calculated at a rate of 7.5% of the total merchandise cost?
a) Average
b) Max
c) Min
d) Sum

Which function can a credit card company use to determine the time that has elapsed since a customer's payment was received?
a) Count
b) CountA
c) Days360
d) Now

What operation will Eve use to keep rows and columns visible so that they don't scroll off the screen as she moves around the worksheet?
a) Embed
b) Fill Series
c) Freeze
d) Link

Mr. Evans sorted the student athletes in order by GPA, last name, first name, and homeroom. GPA is an example of which part of the sort operation?
a) Ascending
b) Descending
c) Primary
d) Secondary

A chart is created that compares the number of units of Product a sold against the number of units of Product B sold for a period of three months. Which data appears on the y-axis?
a) Months
b) Products
c) Sales
d) Units Sold

What procedure should be followed to ensure that an object does NOT change in a word processing document when it is edited in the spreadsheet of its original creation?
a) Embed
b) Import
c) Link
d) Target

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