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Which document is used by the FBLA adviser to send members a short reminder about next week's meeting?
a) Business letter
b) Memo
c) Personal business letter
d) Research report

Which document is used by a high school senior who wishes to communicate with a college admissions board?
a) Agenda
b) Business letter
c) Personal business letter
d) Research report

What paragraph formatting is used by a sports manager to record game times, locations, and dates in separate columns in a document?
a) Borders
b) Bullets/numbers
c) Indents
d) Tables

Sandra wants to move a paragraph from the bottom of page 7 to the top of page 8. What feature will she use?
a) Footer
b) Orientation
c) Page break
d) Table

Susan is keying a 26 page document and wants to add a running title across the top left margin of each page. What format option should she use?
a) Endnote
b) Footer
c) Footnote
d) Header

Sally wants to add dark lines at the top and bottom of her class schedule. What formatting option will she use?
a) Borders
b) Headers
c) Margins
d) Page break

What is an appropriate font format for the title of a document if the body is keyed in Times New Roman?
a) Bold
b) Italics
c) Sans serif
d) Serif

Which document will Scott prepare for all attendees at the Banker's Association meeting to list the accountant who is responsible for presenting each topic?
a) Agenda
b) Minutes
c) Memo
d) Outline

What additional font formatting is appropriate for the report title below? Robert's Rules of Order
a) All caps
b) Italics
c) Regular font
d) Underline

When keying the following chemical formula for carbon dioxide: CO2. What is the appropriate font format for the number in the formula?
a) Bold
b) Subscript
c) Superscript
d) Underline

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