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Which information would be included in a memo?
a) CC
b) Chapter 4
c) Dear mr. Jean
d) Employed by CyberCorp 2003 - present

Which document is NOT considered a support document to a report?
a) Agenda
b) Endnotes
c) Table of contents
d) Title page

What component does an itinerary have in common with an agenda?
a) Arrival time
b) Date
c) Departure time
d) List of topics

What component does an agenda have in common with a table of contents?
a) Date
b) List of topics
c) Page numbers
d) Time slots

Which information would be included in a personal business letter?
a) Chapter 4
b) Dear Mr. Jean
c) Employed by CyberCorp 2003 - present
d) New Business

Mass production of letters to all clients of a law firm with individualized messages is an example of
a) Macro
b) Mail merge
c) Style
d) Template

Which two documents have the most features in common?
a) Agenda and business letter
b) Business letter and minutes
c) Letter and research report
d) Minutes and agenda

Which document is used by a secretary to record the proceedings at the monthly Rotary Club meetings?
a) Business Letter
b) Memo
c) Minutes
d) Title page

Which document is used by a manager to communicate a staff meeting to employees?
a) Business letter
b) Memo
c) Minutes
d) Research report

What paragraph formatting is used by a teacher to keep track of student names and assignments?
a) Borders
b) Bullets/numbers
c) Indents
d) Tables

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