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A major problem with depending on fossil fuels as primary energy sources is that they are...
a) nonrenewable
b) overabundant
c) deep underground
d) nonpolluting

Which of these is the best indication of the relative age of a rock layer?
a) The distance the layer extends over the Earth
b) The chemical makeup of the layer
c) The thickness of the layer
d) The position of the layer compared to other layers

Which mineral is easily identified by smell?
a) Galena
b) Quartz
c) Pyrite
d) Sulfur

Scientists use the rock cycle to describe the processes by which...
a) mineral crystals and compositions are identified
b) tectonic plates shift around the earth's surface
c) all different types of fossils were transformed into rock
d) one type of rock can be changed into another type of rock

The Earth's mantle is made up of very hot material that rises to the top of the mantle, cools, then sinks, reheats, and rises again, constantly repeating the cycle. This action, wh
a) magnetic fields
b) hot spots
c) convection currents
d) advection forces

Barrier islands protect inland shores from the surf, especially during storms. yet the islands themselves are not permanent. Why aren't the islands permanent?
a) People deveolp the islands and remove sand during housing construction.
b) Offshore earthquakes cause the islands to sink below sea level.
c) Development companies mine the sand for use in inland construction projects.
d) The wind and the waves are constantly redistributing the sand.

In which type of rock are fossils most likely to be found?
a) Sedimentary
b) Igneous intrusive
c) Igneous extrusive
d) Metamorphic

Which of the following natural resources makes the largest contribution to Virginia's economy?
a) Feldspar
b) Aluminum
c) Plutonium
d) Coal

While on vacation, a student visits the area around a volcano that has recently erupted. The student can expect to find samples of...
a) clastic sedimentary rock
b) extrusive igneous rock
c) nonfoliated metamorphic rock
d) chemically formed sedimentary rock

Most modern geologists have argued that a global catastrophe may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. According to these scientists, what was this catastrophe?
a) A shift in the tilt of the Earth
b) Earthquakes and volcanoes
c) An asteroid impact with the Earth
d) Melting of the polar ice caps

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